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Breastfeed Your Baby Here
Community Initiative

Join our efforts toward a heathier Oswego County!

REACH CNY is partnering with the Oswego County Breastfeeding Coalition to expand the Breastfeed Your Baby Here Community Initiative created by Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network to Oswego County.

The Breastfeed Your Baby Here initiative works with businesses and organizations to support breastfeeding mothers and babies in the community, and to make nursing an accepted, comfortable, and easy choice in stores, restaurants, daycare centers, buses, parks – anytime, anywhere.

Join our efforts toward a healthier Oswego County and a healthier community by making a commitment to the current and future wellbeing of mothers and babies in the following ways:

  • Display Breastfeed Your Baby Here signage to indicate awareness and support of New York State Civil Rights Law, Section 79-e, which protects a mother’s right to nurse in public.
  • Allow breastfeeding mothers (employees, visitors, patrons) to breastfeed on your premises, in any location where she is otherwise entitled to be, as protected by law; educate all staff members to be courteous and kind to nursing mothers everywhere.

When one sees the Breastfeed Your Baby Here logo on display, it means that location welcomes and supports all nursing mothers and babies. Thus, a breastfeeding friendly organization helps mothers make the best choice for their families, wherever they are.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest start for babies, preemies or full-term. It has been called the “gold standard” of infant nutrition, because it reduces a baby’s risk of many illnesses, including ear infections, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, heart disease, and even mental illness. There are health benefits for mothers too – lower rates of diabetes, breast cancer, and depression.

Research shows that a mother’s decision to breastfeed is greatly influenced by information and support at home, at work, and in public places. When mothers feel encouraged and supported in their choice to breastfeed a child, our entire community reaps the benefits for generations.

To become a Breastfeed Your Baby Here Community Partner or request breastfeeding support materials please contact REACH CNY at (315) 424-0009.

To view a map of locations and amenities offered by our partners, please visit

This initiative continues to grow day by day. We are excited to partner with the following businesses and organizations in Oswego County:

  • Mother Earth Baby
  • The Pregnancy Care Center of Oswego County (Oswego, Fulton, Pulaski)
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