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Install Sharps Disposal Wall Units

Syringe Safety & Disposal

Disposal Wall Units

The US Food and Drug Administration notes that “the risk of needle sticks, cuts and punctures from needles and other sharps is high in facilities such as airports, hotels, restaurants and office buildings. In these places, people are more likely to throw their used needles and sharps in to the trash.” The FDA recommends that employers and businesses consider providing sharps disposal containers in restrooms or other designated areas and make employees and guests aware of the location of the containers.

Wall units are available from NYSDOH for CBOs meeting the requirements as described at the link above. Organizations can also purchase and install wall units as long as they follow requirements for safe disposal of the sharps.

REACH CNY, Inc. staff members are available to provide information and technical assistance for organizations in Central New York that would like to learn more about becoming a sharps collection site by installing sharps disposal wall units. We can help you analyze the logistics at your site, help you fill out the application, and connect you with existing sites so you can see how the process works. 

If your organization is outside Central New York, we can connect you with technical assistance in your region.

Want to learn more? Please contact us at 315-424-0009 ext 112 or

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