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Supervised Visitation

Parenting Education

Supervised VIsitation

Professionally Supervised Child Visitation

REACH CNY’s professionally trained child visitation monitors provide a safe and enjoyable environment for parents and children to reunite. We are passionate about the welfare and safety of children and we believe it is important for every parent and child to stay connected. Our monitors serve as a neutral third party who observe the interactions between the parent/caregiver and child in order to ensure a safe visit for the child.  Our goal is to provide stress-free child visitation to families in Central New York.

We provide

  • Intake interviews
  • Safe and happy visits
  • Court, attorney, and parent reports

Program Details

What is Supervised Visitation?
Supervised visitation is contact between a non-custodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third party. The monitor does not determine the circumstances surrounding the court-ordered custody or visitation of the child, but rather monitors, observes, and records the actions and activities of the child's visit with the non-custodial parent.

As a supervised visitation service provider, REACH CNY maintains a strict confidentiality agreement with the parents and caregivers we serve. We will maintain a neutral role by refusing to discuss the merits of the case, or agree with or support one party over another. Any discussion between a monitor and the parties will be for the purposes of arranging visitation and providing safety of the children during the visit.

Supervised visitation is provided at our offices at 1010 James Street, Syracuse, 13203.  

The schedule is flexible to meet the needs of the parents/caregivers.  

Cost: Parents working with a court or referring agency may have the fees covered.   

Please contact us for details.    

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

This is a specialized type of supervised visitation that is commonly ordered when families have dealt with specific instances of domestic violence or some other sort of trauma.  Therapeutic Visitation is a family treatment model utilizing interventions similar to family therapy or parent coaching in the context of visitation.  The facilitating Social Worker can provide assessment and then offer direction, advice and feedback during the sessions to help the family members bond.  The Social Worker can provide reports to the Court as directed regarding the participation in, engagement with and efficacy of these interventions.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation must be specified within a supervised visitation order made by a judge.  

Request information

Service providers can refer parents and parents or caregivers can contact us directly.  

Please fill out the online form or call and we will provide details. 

What participants have to say...

“Thank you so much for your help, I learned so much and now I can have unsupervised visits with my children.    You saved my life!”

“My family can’t believe the change in my parenting and attitude.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

For more information contact:

Kathy Harter
Deputy Director
1010 James Street, Syracuse NY 13203
315-424-0009 ext. 122



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